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The Alatreon, Jhen Moran, and Deviljho. All Offline

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The Alatreon, Jhen Moran, and Deviljho. All Offline Empty The Alatreon, Jhen Moran, and Deviljho. All Offline

Post by Milcor on Sat Jun 15, 2013 11:20 pm

Can someone point me somewhere I can get the stuff to make custom quests that can be run on RiiVolution to replace 
the Lv 1 quests offline so they are as followed -

   -Original quest name-                      -New Quest Name-                      -New Quest Goal-
       Harvest 'shroom                        The Brilliant Darkness                      Slay an Alatreon
    Prescription Pick-up                       The Festival of Fear               Slay or repel a Jhen Mohran
    Golden Opportunity                         Deep-six a Deviljho               Hunt a Deviljho (Sndy Plains)
           Farm Aid                                 Bedevil a Deviljho                    Hunt a Deviljho (Tundra)
Guts: It's What's for Dinner                      Into the Fire                       Hunt a Deviljho (Volcano)
      Sunken Treasure                               World Eater                   Hunt 1 Giant Deviljho (D. Island)

(Reset rewards to match the new quest)

If someone else could do it for me that would be fine, I just want them to be how they were online.
HPs are as followed -
Alatreon - 10,000 HP.
Jhen Mohran - 32,000 HP. (May not be exact, that's the educated guess)
Deviljho - 12,078 HP. (World Eater only had 9,900 HP)

I'd like it to be able to make HP and weapon damage analysis to be used as a reference to MH3U since hit zone damage hasn't changed as much (if any) and the weapon damage formulas are almost exactly the same as well.

A week ago found my Wii. Since the time I had replaced my Wii with the WiiU I hadn't even looked at it. When I found it I set it up again to see what I had ended with. I looked into it and found this. Since the warranty was LONG GONE I put Homebrew on it and looked for something to make custom quests on. I found RiiVolution and messed around with files. I've also done extensive research on the stats of the online monsters, thus was able to find the HPs. I understand how it all works now but I haven't been able to find a custom quest maker and even if I did, I probably wouldn't know what I'm doing with it. 

Once I get the quests working I can make more accurate formulas for the MH3U weapons and monsters, thanks to this code:

Monster Info Desplay (MID) [Skiller]
077C5000 000000A8
25733A20 25642F25
64002573 0048503A
2535642F 25356420
5354413A 2534642F
25346400 504F3A25
33642F25 3364200A
50413A25 33642F25
33640053 4C3A2533
642F2533 64200A46
413A2533 642F2533
64005452 3A253364
2F253364 200A4B4F
3A253364 2F253364
0042503A 2048502F
42430A43 503A2048
50002534 642F2564
200A2534 64005369
7A3A2533 64252520
41544B3A 2D2D2D25
25204445 463A2D2D
2D252500 42C80000
077C5200 000001D0
3AC00000 3AA00000
3E80817C 62945000
38600010 38800010
4A8975ED 38600049
38950080 88B4FFFA
7E86A378 3E409015
8252807C 564A273E
280A0009 40820188
1D560B18 7E525214
89520003 2C0A0000
4182002C 3D608168
616B423C 554A103A
7E6A582E 7E679B78
811207A0 813207A4
4CC63182 4A89759D
3AB50010 3AD60001
8874FFFC 7C03B000
40820134 38D4000A
7E679B78 386000C0
3880002C 88B4FFFA
4A897571 38D4000D
38600170 3880002C
38A0FFFA 80F207A0
811207A4 A13208A2
A15208A0 4A89754D
38D40024 38600038
38800148 88B4FFFA
A8F20924 A9120922
A932092E A952092C
4A897529 38D4003B
38600038 38800168
88B4FFFA A8F20934
A9120932 A9320944
A9520946 4A897505
38D40052 38600038
38800188 88B4FFFA
A8F2093A A9120938
A932093E A9520940
4A8974E1 38D40069
38600038 388001AC
88B4FFFA 4A8974CD
7E4F9378 3A200000
3A000080 38D4007A
7E038378 388001AC
890F0838 A92F083C
4A8974A1 39EF0006
3A100038 3A310001
2C110007 4081FFD0
38D40086 38600258
3880002C 88B4FFFA
C03201D0 C01400A4
EC200072 FC00081C
D81401E0 80F401E4
3900FFFF 3920FFFF
4A897459 2C16000B
4081FE5C 7FA3EB78
4AB27C80 00000000
042ED044 494D81BC
C37C5230 00000002
3E40900D 82526A20
82520A4C 00000000
Credits to [Stuff]
Fixed by [Zeatnolt]

I know because of it that the Ceadeus has an HP of 30,000. Which if calculations serve true would be the same HP of the Ceadeus in MH3U.

                                                               Thank you in advance for any help given

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The Alatreon, Jhen Moran, and Deviljho. All Offline Empty Re: The Alatreon, Jhen Moran, and Deviljho. All Offline

Post by Keiko on Tue Jun 17, 2014 12:37 pm

Hi, i found not the worldeater quest? Is it delet in UMH3 v4?
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