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The Tri servers may be closed, but you can still use this place as a hangout, or to set up hunting parties with MH3U players.

Teamwork Cast Posting Rules

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Teamwork Cast Posting Rules

Post by AsteriskRocks on Fri Jan 04, 2013 1:34 am

No one really uses the quest boards anymore, but if you organize hunts on Teamwork Cast (even if just to have Taverners join you), then it will help promote the mod's popularity and cause. Just type grammatically correct and make it look appealing.

Go to:

Then Register and post a room and here are where the rules come in...

1) Use the [ULTIMATE] or [UMH3] tag in your title (EX: [UMH3] Looking for a Party)

2) Use the description to specify the Mode. (EX: Remember to set your Mode to G Rank!)

3) DO NOT be too blatant with the mentioning of hacking.
If people ask, just forward them to the current video: here.

4) Keep the hunts in Greed 4> City Gate 4 (You can specify via hunting location.)

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