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Custom Weapons File-Replacement Charts

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Custom Weapons File-Replacement Charts Empty Custom Weapons File-Replacement Charts

Post by admin on Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:19 pm

NOTE: The following information is meant for UMH3 version 4, and may not be accurate for older versions.

Although we do not recommend messing with the UMH3 files, we understand that some of you want to use the exclusive weapons from the other region, or perhaps just want to remap some of the models. And let's face it, we can't stop you from trying to do it yourself.

These charts will tell you which custom weapons are which, so that users may mix and match the models to their liking.

Great Sword
File nameWeaponRegion
two011Cat's CursePAL
two012Cold Dame (Recolor of High Sieglinde)Both
two018Anti-Master SwordPAL
two0204D Great SwordNTSC
two022Soul EdgeBoth
two025_eTrue Cutter Blade (Japan Event Weapon)Both
two026Broken DestinyNTSC
two026Buster SwordPAL

Sword & Shield - Main Hand
File nameWeaponRegion
one001(invisible sword)Both
one011Eternal FlamesPAL
one012Energy SwordBoth
one015Demon SwordNTSC
one016Dual Keyblades (Oblivion)NTSC
one016Lost Keyblades (Wayward Wind)PAL
one019Blades of ChaosBoth
one0224D SwordNTSC
one022Golden SwordPAL
one023Palutena's BowBoth
one024Master SwordBoth

Sword & Shield - Off Hand
File nameWeaponRegion
slds001Cap's ShieldBoth
slds004Franklin BadgeBoth
slds011Eternal FlamesPAL
slds012Energy ShieldBoth
slds015(invisible shield)Both
slds016Dual Keyblades (Oathkeeper)NTSC
slds016Lost Keyblades (Lost Memory)PAL
slds019Blades of ChaosBoth
slds022(invisible shield)Both
slds023Palutena's BowBoth
slds024Hylian ShieldBoth

File nameWeaponRegion
ham005Knockback HammerNTSC
ham005Dedede HammerPAL
ham006Home-Run BatBoth
ham008Reactor Core (Recolor of Lava Core)Both
ham009Gravity HammerBoth
ham010Giygas Hammer (invisible)Both
ham011Thwomp HammerBoth
ham0174D HammerNTSC
ham019Flail Core (Magikarp)Both
ham020Ebony "Blizzard" (Recolor of Alatreon Metamorph)Both

Lance - Main Hand
File nameWeaponRegion
lan001Chilfos SpearBoth
lan010Palutena's StaffBoth
lan012Galacta LanceBoth
lan0204D LanceBoth
lan022Gyarados AttackBoth
lan023_eHundred Fox Spear (Japan Event Weapon)Both

Lance - Off Hand
File nameWeaponRegion
sldl001Chilfos TorsoBoth
sldl010Palutena's ShieldBoth
sldl012Galacta ShieldBoth
sldl019Frozen PrideBoth
sldl0204D ShieldBoth
sldl022Wooden Poké Ball SignBoth
sldl023_eHundred Fox Shield (Japan Event Weapon)Both

Switch Axe
File nameWeaponRegion
axe003Giygaxe (invisible)Both
axe011_ePirate J Axe (Japan Event Weapon)Both

Long Sword
File nameWeaponRegion
swo0074D Long SwordNTSC
swo007Soul EaterPAL
swo008_eLightning Works (Japan Event Weapon)Both
swo009_eTessaiga (Japan Event Weapon)Both
swo010Battlefields of WarPAL

Use this gallery to match the file names to the weapons you want to replace.
(There is an error with the event great sword. It is supposed to be two025_e, which should make Crimsonwall two026.)

Note that for Sword & Shield and Lance, the file name of shields that correspond to each weapon will be:

slds000 for Sword & Shield, and
sldl000 for Lance,

where you would replace "000" with the number of the matching sword or lance.

For example, for Sharq Attack, lan025 is the model of the sharq lance and sldl025 is the model of the wooden sign shield.


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