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USB Loader GX Guide [Under Construction]

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USB Loader GX Guide [Under Construction] Empty USB Loader GX Guide [Under Construction]

Post by AsteriskRocks on Wed Jun 13, 2012 12:34 pm

A Compatible USB Device
A Compatible SD Card

STEP 1: Installing Homebrew Channel

STEP 2: Installing USB Loader GX

Now as much as I would like to explain how-to install USB Loader GX,
I am instead going to be focusing on the essentials to be able to run
Monster Hunter Tri and the Ultimate Monster Hunter Tri Mod.

Here are the essentials:

USB Loader GX Setup

  1. Install cIOSx 249 Rev21 and boot the game using IOS249.

  2. Load with Hermes v4 222/223 (Select these for installation: ios38 + 37)

STEP 3: USB Loader GX Settings


[1d] Files & paths (from USB GX README.txt)

There are other files that are not necessary to the core functionality of this loader, but are used for extra features. Here are some of the defined paths, most of which are configurable in the settings.

Update Path - SD:/config/
This is where the application will create files to save settings and statistics. All the files it makes start with GX to make them easy to find.
GxGlobal.cfg is the main settings and configuration for the loader.
GXGameSettings.cfg contains individual settings for games.
GXGameCount.cfg stores the game play count and favorites choices. A database of information about each game can be stored in this folder as well. Get you hands on and put it here.

Codes Path - SD:/codes/
This is the folder to put your .gct files.

DOL Path - SD:/
This is where replacement dols (used to fix certain broken games) go.

Homebrew Apps Path - SD:/apps/
This is where you can place the Homebrew apps for the Homebrew Loader.

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